Silva Fennica

The journal

Silva Fennica is a scientific online journal, which publishes articles reporting significant new knowledge and understanding on all aspects of forest research, both basic and applied subjects.

The journal carries original research articles, review articles, research notes, discussion papers and commentaries.

The journal is published by the Finnish Society of Forest Science and Natural Resources Institute Finland.

ISSN-L 0037-5330
ISSN 2242-4075 (Online)

Publication schedule

Articles published in Silva Fennica are assigned to volumes and issues. That notwithstanding, new articles are posted on the website as soon as they are in their final form. These latest articles can be accessed via the link at Under compilation in the left column.

The site

On the Silva Fennica website, you have access to tables of contents, abstracts, and full-text articles in PDF or html format. Full-text PDF files are available from 1998 on, and full-text articles in html from 2013 on.

Open access

From the very beginning of its online presence, Silva Fennica has adhered to the principle of open access. This means that access to all abstracts and full-text articles is free. Currently, Silva Fennica does not have any article processing charges.