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Polttoainekysymys vuonna 1951 : polttoainekomitean mietintö.

Polttoainekomitea . (1952). Polttoainekysymys vuonna 1951 : polttoainekomitean mietintö. Silva Fennica no. 74 article id 4624. https://doi.org/10.14214/sf.a9096

English title: The fuel question in Finland in 1951


The government of Finland appointed a committee to make a suggestion of measures to be taken to arrange fuel supply during the heating season. The committee drafted also a plan to regulate and govern the fuel economy.

The committee estimated that the total consumption of coal, coke, firewood, waste wood and fuel peat, converted into pine firewood increased from 33.8 million eu.m in piled measure in heating period of 1952-53 to 42.9 million in 1955-56. According to the report, the demand of fuel is met increasingly through imported fuels, such as coal, coke and oil. The change is mainly due by their lower price and technically easy handling compared to domestic fuels.

The committee suggests that the production of domestic fuels, peat and firewood, should be increased and rationalized. In addition, financial support should be targeted to construct hydroelectric plants. Fuel peat industry should be developed further. The use of oil should be promoted, and boilers able to use different kinds of fuel should be constructed. To be prepared in changes in international situation, stocks of fuel are needed.

Original keywords
polttopuu; komiteanmietinnöt; hiili; polttoaineet; öljy; polttoturve; tuonti

English keywords
firewood; fuel; coal; coke; fuel peat; oil; fuel demand; fuel import

Published in 1952

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Polttoainekomitea ., (1952) The fuel question in Finland in 1951 Silva Fennica vol. no. 74 article id 4624
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