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Juha-Pekka Hotanen (email), Matti Maltamo, Antti Reinikainen

Canopy stratification in peatland forests in Finland

Hotanen J.-P., Maltamo M., Reinikainen A. (2006). Canopy stratification in peatland forests in Finland. Silva Fennica vol. 40 no. 1 article id 352. https://doi.org/10.14214/sf.352


succession; structural diversity; drainage; site type; canopy layer; crown coverage

Author Info
  • Hotanen, Finnish Forest Research Institute, Joensuu Research Unit, P.O. Box 68, FI-80101 Joensuu, Finland E-mail juha-pekka.hotanen@metla.fi (email)
  • Maltamo, University of Joensuu, Faculty of Forestry, P.O. Box 111, FI-80101 Joensuu, Finland E-mail mm@nn.fi
  • Reinikainen, Finnish Forest Research Institute, Vantaa Research Unit, P.O. Box 18, FI-01301 Vantaa, Finland E-mail ar@nn.fi

Received 1 March 2004 Accepted 10 November 2005 Published 31 December 2006

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Available at https://doi.org/10.14214/sf.352 | Download PDF

Creative Commons License CC BY-SA 4.0

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