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Mikko Ilvessalo (email), Yrjö Ilvessalo

Suomen pienmetsätalouden tutkimuksessa v. 1930 inventoitujen pienmetsälöiden kehityksestä vuodesta 1930 vuosiin 1963-64.

Ilvessalo M., Ilvessalo Y. (1966). Suomen pienmetsätalouden tutkimuksessa v. 1930 inventoitujen pienmetsälöiden kehityksestä vuodesta 1930 vuosiin 1963-64. Silva Fennica no. 119 article id 4733. https://doi.org/10.14214/sf.a14291

English title: Development of small forest holdings between 1930 and 1963–64 in Finland


In the 1930s studies showed that state of the standing crop and forests of small private forest holdings in Finland was weak. In 1960s it was regarded necessary to study the possible change in the silvicultural state of these forests. Therefore, sample stands of the small holdings surveyed in 1930 by Osara were surveyed anew in the areas of Karelia and Savo, and in Central Finland in 1963–1964. A line plot survey was combined with ocular estimation as in 1930, but in 1963–1964 the lines and sample plots were placed denser than in 1930 to reach similar number of sample plots.

In 1930 the state of the forests of the small holdings was in average very weak, but according to Osara, the age classes younger than 50 years had similar stand volume than in the all the forests of the southern half of the country. The results of this survey show that the volume, structure, growth and development class structure of the forests in average have improved since 1930. In many respects the forests have reached the average state of forests in the southern half of Finland. The most serious problem is the large proportion of broadleaved trees. Thus, the silvicultural state of the forests should be further improved.

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Original keywords
metsänhoito; yksityismetsät; metsävarat; pientilat; Suomi; pienmetsätalous

English keywords
forest management; Finland; forest resources; private forests; small holdings

Published in 1966

Views 1919

Available at https://doi.org/10.14214/sf.a14291 | Download PDF

Creative Commons License CC BY-SA 4.0

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Ilvessalo M., Ilvessalo Y. (1966) Development of small forest holdings between 193.. Silva Fennica vol. no. 119 article id 4733
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