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Esko Kangas

Tutkimuksia kaasutuhoista Imatran valtionpuistossa

Kangas E. (1932). Tutkimuksia kaasutuhoista Imatran valtionpuistossa. Silva Fennica no. 23 article id 4464. https://doi.org/10.14214/sf.a9020

English title: Studies on gas damages in the state forests in Imatra.


A forest damage was detected in spring 1931 near electro-chemical factory in Imatra in Eastern Finland. It was deduced that it was caused by a gas discharge from the factory. A survey was made to describe the damages. Forests in the damaged area of five hectares were Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) dominated and 60-80 years old. According to the factory, the exhaust gases contained 0.4 mg chlorine per liter. In addition, chlorate containing liquids evaporated thorough the chimney, which seemed to have been the main cause of the damage. The chlorates may have concentrated in the snow covering the trees during the winter. The Scots pine trees had lost all the needles in spring, but grew new needles in the summer. In some trees the new needles were few or undeveloped. Some mild damages were noticed in pine and Betula sp. during the growing season. Forest edges and trees higher that the other trees were worst damaged. Pine was most sensitive to the emission. Pine weakened by the gas damages were attacked by insects, the most important being Pissodes sp. The secondary insect damage is likely to kill the surviving trees. The dying pines should be removed only if it is necessary to prevent the spreading of insect damage. The trees may hinder the spreading of further gas emissions. In future, other tree species should be preferred over pine.

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Original keywords
ilman epäpuhtaudet; Imatra; kloori; lehtikato; metsätuhot; neulaskato; hyönteistuhot

English keywords
air pollutants; chlorine; emissions; needle loss; damage; leaf injuries; insect damage

Published in 1932

Available at https://doi.org/10.14214/sf.a9020 | Download PDF

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