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Olavi Linnamies

Valtion laitosten ulkopuolella tapahtuvan metsäntutkimuksen kehittämisestä

Linnamies O. (1969). Valtion laitosten ulkopuolella tapahtuvan metsäntutkimuksen kehittämisestä. Silva Fennica vol. 3 no. 2 article id 4794. https://doi.org/10.14214/sf.a14580

English title: Development of forest research outside the state-owned institutes.


In addition to the research carried out by the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry of the University of Helsinki, the Forest Research Institute, and the State Committee for Agriculture and Forestry, applied forest research is performed in Finland by the Forest department of the Work Efficiency Association, Metsäteho, the Forest Work Study Section of the Central Association of Finnish Woodworking Industries, the Logging Technical Office of the State Board of Forestry (today the Development Section of the Organization Bureau), and Uittoteho, research body for floating questions in Northern Finland.

These establishments are concerned chiefly with the development of and experimentation with working methods, tools and machines in wood harvesting and with the analysis of wage and payment bases for timber preparation and haulage jobs.

An endeavour has been made to coordinate the forest technological research in these institutes and the University of Helsinki and the Forest Research Institute. Each institute is presented in a cooperation organ formed by the Society of Forestry in Finland. This organ also functions as the Finnish section of Nordiska Skogsarbetsstudiernas Råd (NSR). These bodies agree about the division of the research tasks and discuss the research programmes jointly.

In addition, some foundations give notable support to forest research, in particular the Foundation for Forest Tree Breeding, Foundation for Research of Natural Resources in Finland, and SITRA, the Fund for the Jubilee Year 1967 of Finland’s Independence.

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Original keywords
metsäntutkimus; tutkimuslaitokset; säätiöt; tutkimus; tutkimustoiminta; yhteistyö

English keywords
forest research; Finland; research institutes; cooperation; foundations; funding; research funding

Published in 1969

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