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Matti Kärkkäinen (email)

Näkökohta keskimääräisestä tuotoksesta metsätyötieteessä.

Kärkkäinen M. (1972). Näkökohta keskimääräisestä tuotoksesta metsätyötieteessä. Silva Fennica vol. 6 no. 2 article id 4867. https://doi.org/10.14214/sf.a14670

English title: A point of view on the average output in forest work science


The paper deals with the concepts of time consumption and output in forest work science. When output is defined as the inverse of time consumption and vice versa, it is possible to show the important consequences in probability functions. For instance, it is not the same if the dependent variable in a regression analysis is output or time consumption. Also, the average differ depending on if they are based on the time consumption figures or on the average output.

The PDF includes a summary in English.

Original keywords
metsäntutkimus; metsätyö; työntutkimus; tuotos; ajanmenekki

English keywords
time consumption; time studies; forest research; forest work; work studies; output

Published in 1972

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Available at https://doi.org/10.14214/sf.a14670 | Download PDF

Creative Commons License CC BY-SA 4.0

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