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Franz Schmithüsen (email)

The changing role of legislation related to forest conservation and forest resources development.

Schmithüsen F. (1986). The changing role of legislation related to forest conservation and forest resources development. Silva Fennica vol. 20 no. 4 article id 5282. https://doi.org/10.14214/sf.a27719


Forest legislation is one of the important institutional elements for the development and expansion of the forest sector. It provides the structural framework within which national forest policies are set and in turn reflects or should reflect their objectives and priorities. It is also an indispensable instrument for the implementation of those policies.

Forest laws in the sector specific sense have been modified and developed considerably during the last decades. They tend to incorporate more and more provisions on environmental protection and natural resources management and become de facto part of such legislation. Forest legislation as a whole can today only be interpreted meaningfully if it is considered within the framework of an expanding legal system for environmental conservation and social development.

forest policy; forest legislation; forest laws

Published in 1986

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