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Seppo Kellomäki (email)

Havaintoja puuston kasvatustiheyden vaikutuksesta mäntyjen oksikkuuteen.

Kellomäki S. (1984). Havaintoja puuston kasvatustiheyden vaikutuksesta mäntyjen oksikkuuteen. Silva Fennica vol. 18 no. 2 article id 5207. https://doi.org/10.14214/sf.a15386

English title: Observations on the influence of stand density on branchiness of young Scots pines


The study based on young Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) of varying density showed that number of living branches per whorl and total number of living branches per tree were negatively correlated with stand density. On the contrary, the number of dead branches increased with increasing stand density. The diameter of living and dead branches decreased with increasing stand density. Consequently, the branchiness, i.e. the share of the branch cross-sectional area from the surface area of the stem, decreased in dense stands compared with the thin stands. At the densest stands the branchiness, however, levelled of indicating a greater decrease of the radial growth at stems than at branches. The 2/3 power law described relatively well the relationship between stand density and mean squared branch diameter of living branches.

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Original keywords
mänty; oksikkuus; oksan läpimitta; metsikön tiheys; kasvatustiheys; kuolleet oksat; elävät oksat

English keywords
Pinus sylvestris; Scots pine; stand density; branchiness; branch diameter

Published in 1984

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Available at https://doi.org/10.14214/sf.a15386 | Download PDF

Creative Commons License CC BY-SA 4.0

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