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Maja Peteh. (2020). A synthesis of the characteristics of current national, regional and international forestry journals. Silva Fennica vol. 54 no. 3 article id 10350.
Keywords: forestry; geographical coverage; journal title list; scientific publishing
Highlights: Currently, 451 forestry-related journals are published worldwide (41.7% in Europe, 37.3% in Asia) in 32 different languages (47.9% in English only); 6 categories have been defined for the geographical coverage of a journal (55.5% of which have been defined as national and 18.2% as international); The journals could increase their visibility and value by improving their websites and submitting relevant information to international indexing databases.
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One of the main objectives of the International Union of Forest Research Organization’s WP 9.01.06 (Forest Science Publishing) is to clarify the range of forestry-related journals in the context of the overall objective of supporting authors and readers to deepen their knowledge of forestry. This study extended an earlier list of forestry journals using the ISSN database and the CAB abstracts. The study included 451 journal titles, each categorized by ISSN, publisher, language of publication, website, and geographical coverage (i.e. national, regional, international, or three mixed intermediate categories), as well as information on indexing in Web of Science, Scopus, DOAJ, and SherpaRomeo. The included journals are published in 61 countries and in 32 different languages. Those categorized as international are mostly published in English. 21.7% of the journals are indexed in Web of Science and 34.1% in Scopus. 95.6% of the titles are published online or in the print+online publishing model, but only 57.0% of the titles are published in Open Access, of which only 33.7% are indexed in DOAJ.

  • Peteh, University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Večna pot 83, Ljubljana 1000, Slovenia; Slovenian Forestry Institute, Večna pot 2, Ljubljana 1000, Slovenia ORCID E-mail: (email)

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