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Silva Fennica 1926-1997
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Irja Lehtonen, Pertti Hari, Seppo Kellomäki, Eero Väisänen. (1977). On control of daily structural matter production in population of Avenella flexuosa (L.) Parl. Silva Fennica vol. 11 no. 1 article id 4959.
Keywords: growth; temperature; Avenella flexuosa; Deschampsia flexuosa; self-regulation
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In the boreal zone, the environmental control of growth rate, i.e. the rate of irreversible change in shoot dimensions, is assumed to be dominated by temperature. Promnitz (1975) emphasises that in boreal and temperate zones storage of photosynthetic products is an essential part of the growth process, and thus direct interaction between growth rate and radiation is not evident. The aim of the present study was to investigate the control of daily structural matter production in populations of Avenella flexuosa (L.) Drejer. Special attention was paid to the role of temperature and radiation in addition to the self-regulation of the plants themselves.

Temperature and self-regulation were found to explain over 90% of the daily variation of growth rate. Introduction of radiation into the analysis did not increase the explanatory power of the growth model based on temperature and self-regulation.

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