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Silva Fennica 1926-1997
Acta Forestalia Fennica

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article id 4480, category Article
Yrjö Ilvessalo. (1937). Käytännöllisistä metsänarvioimistavoista. Silva Fennica vol. no. 39 article id 4480.
English title: Practical forest inventory methods.
Original keywords: metsänhoito; metsäopetus; metsänhoitajien jatkokurssit; metsänarvioiminen; puuvarat; metsien inventointi; linja-arviointi
English keywords: forest inventory; forest mensuration; forest education; professional development courses; wood resources; strip-survey
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Silva Fennica Issue 39 includes presentations held in professional development courses in 1935 that were arranged for foresters working in public administration. The presentations focus on practical issues in forest management and administration, especially in regional level. The education was arranged by Forest Service.

This presentation describes different forest inventory methods.

  • Ilvessalo, E-mail: yi@mm.unknown (email)

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article id 7031, category Article
O. J. Lakari. (1919). Ehdotus kasvutalujen laatimiseksi Pohjois-Suomen metsiä varten. Acta Forestalia Fennica vol. 12 no. 4 article id 7031.
English title: Proposal to prepare growth and yield tables for the forests in Northern Finland.
Original keywords: Pohjois-Suomi; metsänarvioiminen; kasvutaulukko
English keywords: forest mensuration
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The article describes a method to prepare growth and yield tables for forests in Northern Finland, which differ markedly from forests in the southern part of the land. They are mostly uneven-aged, and there are little forests that belong to separate age-classes. The forests are predominantly old. The most common age-class in the old forest’s group is 150-160 years. Also, the lands are poorer than in Southern Finland. Because the variation of the poorer sites is larger than in better sites, the number of sample plots needed to prepare the growth and yield tables has to be larger than in Southern Finland, where the lands are better. The yield tables cannot be prepared for all the numerous forest site types of Northern Finland. The number of age-classes has to be relatively low. In consequence, the growth and yield tables will not be as accurate as those made for the better forest site types in Southern Finland.

  • Lakari, E-mail: ol@mm.unknown (email)

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