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Silva Fennica 1926-1997
Acta Forestalia Fennica

Articles by Paavo Aro

Category : Article

article id 4741, category Article
Paavo Aro. (1967). Metsäsanakirjoja - onko niitä? Silva Fennica vol. 1 no. 1 article id 4741.
English title: Forest dictionaries - do they exist?
Keywords: dictionary; forest dictionary; publication
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This article is an overview on the assortment of forest dictionaries available around the world in 1967, related to the preparation of a new edition of ‘Metsäsanakirja’ (forest dictionary) by the Finnish Society of Forest Science.

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article id 4563, category Article
Paavo Aro. (1939). Hakkaustapatilasto. Silva Fennica no. 52 article id 4563.
English title: Statistics of felling methods.
Original keywords: hakkuut; valtionmetsät; Metsähallitus; metsänhoito; tilastot; metsäopetus; metsänhoitajien jatkokurssit; metsähallinto; jatkokoulutus; hakkuutapa
English keywords: forest management; fellings; forest education; statistics; professional development courses; fellingmethods
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Silva Fennica issue 52 includes presentations held in professional development courses, arranged for foresters working in public administration in 1938. The presentations focus on practical issues in forest management and administration, especially in regional level. The education was arranged by Forest Service.

This presentation describes the use and purpose of statistics about different felling methods compiled in Forest Service.

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Category : Article

article id 7419, category Article
Paavo Aro. (1954). On the reasons for differences in the measurements of exported pulpwood. Acta Forestalia Fennica vol. 61 no. 7 article id 7419.
Keywords: pulpwood; measurement; export; paper wood
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Exported wood is measured at the port in Finland by certified measurers. Wood is paid according to these measuring certificates. However, in many cases the buyer measures the wood again in the country of destination, and gets smaller amounts. This sometimes causes awkward situations.

To examine the phenomenon one lot of pulpwood was measured both in Finland and in the destination country Germany. Several differences were found for the amounts of wood, and the author discussed the possible reasons for these differences.

However, because of the possible scattering in the measurements, several reductions are always made to the measurements. Hence it was proved that the buyer got the amount of wood they paid for. It is clear that the current practices and tools used to measure the amount of wood do not allow for any more accurate measures.     

The PDF contains a summary in Finnish. 

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article id 7399, category Article
Paavo Aro. (1949). Studies on saws used for forest work in Nordic and middle-European countries. Acta Forestalia Fennica vol. 57 no. 3 article id 7399.
Keywords: forest work; middle-Europe; saw; saw machine; Nordic; repair
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The article presents the development of the saw-alike tools from the Stone Age to Iron Age and to modern times. The most common forms of saws are described and the history of studies on the theme as well.

Repairing of a saw after work is described in detail. The seven phases of the work are: fastening and tightening the saw to the frame, evening the row of the saw tooth, determining the depth of the gullet area, sharpening the teeth, setting of the saw, and check-up of the repair.  

The PDF contains a summary in Finnish. 

  • Aro, E-mail: pa@mm.unknown (email)
article id 7374, category Article
Paavo Aro. (1942). Eräitä halkosahoilla suoritettujen sahauskokeiden tuloksia. Acta Forestalia Fennica vol. 50 no. 21 article id 7374.
English title: Results of sawing experiments using wooden bow saw.
Original keywords: aikatutkimus; katkonta; sahanterät; halkosaha
English keywords: time study; cross-cutting; saw blades; wooden bow saw; bow saw
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Effectiveness of 18 different saw blades of wooden bow saw from four producers (Oy Suomen Sandvik Sahat, Epilä Oy, Ab Orsa Sågbladsfabrik Oy, Kone ja Terä Oy) was tested in 1937. The experiments were divided into test series according to type of maintenance of the blade and tree species (Scots pine, Norway spruce and birch) to be sawn. Each saw blade was sharpened into four different sharpening angles (54°, 60°, 64°, 70°). Four blades had markedly longer sawing times compared to the others. These blades had a special serration. In addition, two blades with sparse serration had slightly poorer results than the blades in general. When the tree species were compared, birch (Betula sp.) was slowest to saw followed by Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) and Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.).

The PDF includes a summary in German.

  • Aro, E-mail: pa@mm.unknown (email)
article id 7341, category Article
Paavo Aro. (1938). Suomen metsätieteellisen seuran toiminta vv. 1934-1937. Acta Forestalia Fennica vol. 47 no. 1 article id 7341.
English title: Activities of Finnish Society of Forest Sciences in 1934‒1937.
Original keywords: metsäntutkimus; Suomen Metsätieteellinen Seura
English keywords: forest sciences; Society of Forest Sciences
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The article includes the minutes of the Finnish Society of Forest Sciences in 1934‒1937. In the meetings of the society were held 30 presentations which are listed and shortly summarized in the article.

  • Aro, E-mail: pa@mm.unknown (email)
article id 7293, category Article
Paavo Aro. (1934). Psykoteknilliset kokeet metsäammattimiesten valinnassa. Acta Forestalia Fennica vol. 40 no. 16 article id 7293.
English title: Planning psychological exams to employ forest professionals.
Original keywords: valintakoe; opiskelijavalinta; psykologinen testi
English keywords: entrance examination; forestry school; psychologifal test
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A psychological and technical test was planned for selecting students to Forestry School of Tuomarniemi in Finland. This was the first attempt to use psychological and technological tests to choose forest professionals in the country. The entrance examination of the forestry school included tests for knowledge about forest work, estimation of distance and dimensions of a tree, dexterity and memory. The article suggests that similar test should be generally used in forestry.

The PDF includes a summary in German.

  • Aro, E-mail: pa@mm.unknown (email)

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